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 Chrome OS Faces Integration Challenges Ahead Google has only begun to solve problems getting client apps and Web apps to work together.

Department Of The Interior Can't Locate Many PCs  The federal agency can't locate 20% of its computers and, because it has no encryption requirements, the missing PCs could be vulnerable to data theft or loss.

Cybersecurity Review Finds U.S. Networks 'Not Secure' The report dovetails with President Obama's call for the creation of a cybersecurity coordinator who will orchestrate and integrate federal cybersecurity policies and agendas.

Government Wrestles With Social Media Records Retention Policies  The National Archives is trying to navigate complex regulations that require capturing and storing all sorts of content in the age of social media, cloud computing, and seemingly endless storage.

Verizon Business Unveils 'Computing As A Service'  The company's CaaS users will be able to access a real-time self-service portal to manage physical and virtual servers, network devices, storage, and backup services.

Will Employees Demand Google Chrome OS?  There’s a feeling when walking into a store that caters to your passion—for a clothes horse in Nordstrom, a deer hunter in Cabela’s, or a foodie in Trader Joe’s. You feel like the place was made for you. That’s the emotion Google Chrome OS will have to trigger to get into businesses.

Alleged T-Mobile Data Offered To Highest Bidder   A nA note offering the data for sale says that the company's databases, confidential  documents, and financial documents were stolen.







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