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About Us
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Mission Statement:                   

“Our mission is to create value for our clients."


Company Profile: 

      Continuing to grow as a quality provider of consulting & staffing services within the information technology arena we recognize  our most precious asset is the employees dedicated to making productive contributions to client value creation.   Their approach is a passionate focus on concrete, sustainable, and measurable client results.  Quicken founder and CEO Scott Cook says: "If you can't please your current customers you don't deserve any new ones."

    Most major consultancies select their staff right out of universities and business schools and teach them consultancy as a profession. The majority of these consultants have little real experience! Smaller firms train marketing professionals who work in many sectors.

   Our agency focus is Information Technology only.  Our account executives and managers are IT professionals who can communicate and deliver.  The value of our industry experience, our extensive network of consultants and contacts passes quickly to our clients. Our Loyalty Management system focuses on retention of customers, clients and employees better than the competition to add value in each area.  It's always refreshing to see how focus and domain experience can carry the day.

Corporate HQ
Our corporate headquarters are located in Oklahoma's "Green Country" just five minutes from  beautiful downtown Tulsa.

The city's unique history has made for a rich, colorful and outright exuberant heritage that Oklahomans delight in sharing. Explore a past that spans American Indians, oil and cattle barons, cowboys and pioneers of jazz - all in a setting that remains remarkably pure and unspoiled.            

From pristine mountain streams and pine forests to peaceful lakes and sandy beaches, numerous wildlife refuges and recreation areas offer up a wealth of outdoor adventure.

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