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Our Ethics

These are the professional ethics that Abmax, Inc. abides as essential, not only for ourselves but for the IT consulting industry as a whole.

bullet Consultants will be honest and not knowingly misrepresent facts.
bullet Consultants will keep the client informed of any matters relating to the contract even if the information is unfavorable, or may jeopardize the contract.
bullet Consultants will divulge any potential conflicts of interest prior to accepting the contract or as soon as possible after the conflict is discovered.
bullet Consultants will only represent opinions as independent if they are free from subordinated judgment and there is no undisclosed interest in the outcome of the client's decision.
bullet Consultants will ensure that to the best of their knowledge they can complete the project in a professional manner both in terms of skill and time.
bullet Consultants will install and use only properly licensed software on their systems as well as the clients' systems.

Abmax, Inc., our principals and employees will promote ethical behavior to all consultants and associates as well as the industry in general.


Our Standards of Practice

Abmax, Inc., finds that the following are standards and practices that are expected of quality Information Technology consultants. Consultants are not required to comply with these standards in all cases but any variations must be tempered by good judgment.

bullet Consultants will use a letter of intent or written contract for all substantial engagements.
bullet Consultants will insure that issues of ownership and use of the work product are clear before starting the contract.
bullet Consultants will be bound by a signed Confidentiality And Proprietary Rights Statement applicable to each client engagement.
bullet Consultants will not abide improprieties, or the appearance of improprieties.
bullet Consultants will either attempt to transfer the knowledge to the client or else suggest that the clients secure a backup source of long term support.
bullet Consultants will devote a significant portion of time in continuing education.
bullet Consultants who use subcontractors can use a non-compete clause to restrict the subcontractors from working directly with their clients for a specified period of time. If the consultant uses a non-compete clause in their contracts, the term of the non-compete should be one year or less.
bullet Consultants will not compel independent computer consultants to work as employees when they prefer to work as independent contractors.


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